This is the Official video for Bukanom by Nobles Gambia- Bukanom - is a native cultural concept from the Nobles EP titled:BUKANOM FOR THE CULTURE EP. Bukano was first dropped as a single and the BUZZ from the fans gave birth to the Afroculture EP. This track is a proof of the multi talents of the Nobles Gambia, the song is a dance tune and is the latest and most popular Cultural song video from the smiling coast of Africa.The Gambia. Subscribe to our Channel in youtube: MONEYEMPIRE TV , For latest music videos, performances, and much more from the African NO. 1 Trio (Artists). buy/stream the song Follow: Nobles Official BUKANOM official Video #NoblesGambia#Bukanom#ArtistsOnTheRise#Wizkid#AOTR #lovesong#2020bestafrobeat#YoutubeMusic#noblesbukanom#

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